Modeling Gray Wolf Populations in YNP

Post-Reintroduction Population Growth In Yellowstone Gray Wolves: Effects Of Habitat And Pack-Specific Features


In a population biology class, I was a part of a team that studied the population growth rate of the gray wolf population that was reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park.  My contribution was primarily to the spatial aspect of the project, a component that really distinguished our project from others. I generalized National Land Cover Database data, then extracted habitat composition information using shapefiles of the available home ranges of wolf packs.  Additionally, I calculated home range area and distances from the YNP boundary to use as inputs into our model.  The poster explaining the project is shown below.  For another class project, I designed a poster detailing the spatial work I did on the project.  That poster is also shown below.    

Our work was presented at the 2018 International Wolf Symposium in Minneapolis, MN.

Poster - Wolf Symposium 2018.jpg
wolf arc2 poster.jpg