Kraemer Mining and Materials

Kraemer Mining and Materials, Inc.   

As a geologist at Kraemer Mining and Materials, Inc. I am involved with everything from business development to exploration geology to environmental inspections and permitting. Being part of the three person technical services team that oversees almost every aspect of our many operations means I juggle a lot of responsibilities.

I am heavily involved in the business development side of the company, from conception to reclamation. Using GIS and AutoCAD Civil 3D, I combine a variety of sources to identify potential business development sites across the country, then conduct exploration geology and determined the quality of the sites from the resultant samples. Should we decide to pursue further involvement with the site, I file permits, create mine and reclamation plans, and eventually help oversee daily activities.

Our day-to-day operations require meticulous data collection and planning. I routinely use survey grade GPS equipment to plan, measure, and layout plans at one of our many active operations. Often, I use this data in conjunction with AutoCAD Civil 3D and ArcGIS to incorporate technology into quality control, mine planning, and permitting. Whether we are trying to optimize production for the upcoming year, interpret groundwater data, or incorporate a spatial component to ensure our product meets quality standards, we rely heavily on the data that I collect, organize, and manage. In addition to overseeing many of the daily functions required for Kraemer’s sites, I simultaneously provide the same services for clients located throughout the country.

I obtained my Small Unmanned Aircraft System Part 107 License, making me a certified sUAV pilot, and I am using drone technology to conduct stockpile inventories, and create precise DEMs for both Kraemer and our clients.